The new cereal-themed dessert food truck, Little Spoon's branding is colorful, playful, and bold. The primary logo utilizes custom letterforms strategically placed to achieve a hand-done and playful aesthetic.  In addition to the typographic logo, an illustrated character was designed with 50’s references in mind. The color palette consists of bright, feminine, and eye-catching colors to attract the target audience, encompass the playful and nostalgic energy of the brand, and resemble colorful cereal. 
Little Spoon’s packaging should excite customers and inspire them to take photos of their treats. The colorful truck reflects Little Spoon's branding. Spoonie and the brand’s pattern are placed on the back of the truck to create a photo opportunity for customers. The menu is placed on the truck as a print.  The brand's retention advertisements focus on strong imagery which would successfully fit into the brand’s feed. The acquisition advertisements include the phrase “Wanna Spoon?” which draws viewers in and makes them want to learn more. 
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