Concept 1: Ready to create, anytime, anywhere.
This concept was designed to advertise the .Radio mobile app. The campaign focuses on creating anywhere and anytime. For example, the Facebook advertisement highlights a hypothetical tweet from Dubrovnik, Croatia, showcasing the “Anywhere” aspect. The landing page, designed for web and digital platforms, highlights the .Radio platform's simplicity by explaining the three easy steps to use the app paired with simple iconography. Just like in the advertisement, tweets about .Radio from all over the world will be highlighted, in this example is a tweet from Los Angeles.
This concept is designed in .Radio's color palette and utilizes simple, bold, iconography to create contrast and visual interest. The emphasis of this campaign is that it doesn’t take complicated software to create something amazing. You can create simply on your mobile device             anytime, and anywhere!

Concept 2: Worry-free workflows for teams

The target audience for this concept is teams as this campaign would highlight Riverside for teams. This photo-based design highlights various people using the Riverside platform. The message is that at .Radio, the details of the production process are streamlined so users can focus simply on creating great content.
The platform encourages group collaboration so the creation process is simple and streamlined. This landing page is designed in .Radio's brand style with small additions such as the speech bubble.

Concept 3: Growing with .Radio

“Growing with .Radio ” focuses on the opportunity for brand growth using the platform. Starting with one seed, an idea can sprout into something great. The landing page would highlight some of .Radio's great accomplishments such as Podcasts created on the platform as well as influential interviews. The target audience would be people that have an idea and don’t know where to start. .Radio is the perfect place to make that idea a reality as its simplicity and focus on user experience help users learn and grow with the platform.
This concept slightly strays from .Radio's typical brand guidelines by introducing a new color: mint green to emphasize the growing motif. Basic illustrations such as the sprout shown will also be introduced in this concept.
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