A book jacket, book interior, and eBook were designed for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This design stays true to the classic fairytale aesthetic seen on the shelves of book stores and focuses on symbols and motifs from the story. The typeface chosen is a whimsical serif font with unique counters and a heavyweight which suits the magical tone of the book and contrasts the thinner lines in the illustrations. The illustrations appeal to the target audiences of younger girls and older readers because it’s whimsical yet simple and provide a sense of nostalgia as it alludes to the classic book. 
The book guts were kept simple and readable with the serif font “Minion Variable” used throughout in different weights and tints. A serif font is readable and alludes to the history of the book. Each chapter header is followed by a small simple illustration taken from the book jacket which relates to the chapter itself. 
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